Who am I? Who are you?

I am  36 year old, married, woman.  I am an American, but I currently live in Italy and find myself with some time on my hands to contimplate the age old questions of, 'Who am I?, and 'What am I doing?' 

I am really not sure what the answers are, but I love the journey of finding out.  I am starting this blog for an outlet for my VOICE as it is today, and a path for developing it in to something stronger.

I have used many different words to describe myself and had many more used to describe me by others.  I am not sure there really are any that make me feel completely EXPLAINED.  I fall into a whole spectrum of shades of gray.  I am a conservative leaning liberal in many of my views.  I am a spiritual person of no religious demonanation.  I am very aware of who I am, warts and all, but sometimes have a bit of trouble saying it out loud.  I can be very strong and self confident, all the while cowering inside, trying to quiet the voices of insecurity that I was so sure I had hushed so long ago.  I am in many ways pretty average, with a plethora of extrordinary experiences and adventures, at least by my estimation, if only because they are out of the ordinary for me, not so much anyone else.  But I think if we look carefully enough, listen quietly enough, and ask a lot of questions of others, we will find they have many extraodinary things to say and they have done some pretty extrodinary things.

I guess that is it… that is why I am doing this.  My community here is small, and I want to expand it virtually.  I want a place for intelligent exchange of ideas, views, experiences and thought.  I want a place to go to hear my voice and share it not to hear only from those who agree with me, or who will write off what I say because it differs from their own thoughts. Rather to participate with debate, and hear the voice of others who can add a different melody to the refrain of my own ramblings which I know pretty well by now.

I am tired of soundbites, spinmiesters, and people who use partisan media exchanges to replace the hard work of learning about a subject well enough to engage intelligently with others . I want to try and surround myself with a chorus that wants to try and figure out how to make our own voices heard, our own world better and our own lives happier.  Not too lofty a goal eh?

So, who are you?


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